12 Apps for Foodies that I just love!



I have been posting on this blog for more than a year. During this time I have found a few apps on my phone to help me with my ideas relating to food and nutrition. I have these in a food group on my phone which I will share as a 1st blog birthday gift. They are listed in no particular order and I use all of them on a regular basis.

1. Pinterest
For me the presentation of food has a huge impact to whether I want to try it or not. Pinterest has so many beautiful images of food that I can spend hours looking through food related
pages for inspiration. I have even started pinning a few images myself.

2. Bloglovin
This app is such a great little tool for keeping up with blogs on your phone. I have many food and nutrition blogs I now like to keep up with. It’s very easy to search and add sites on various topics at Bloglovin.com then keep up-to-date on your phone.

3. Foodnavigator
I like to follow the news and this little app lets me keep up with all the food related news from the site foodnavigator.com

4. How to Cook Everything!
Sometimes you just have an ingredient you would like to cook with. This week I have too much broccoli for example. Using this app I can search for broccoli and find any number of recipes to try.

5. Dirty Dozen
This is the shoppers guide to pesticides in food. It’s a great little app to help you choose your food wisely.

6. Enumbers
This informative app gives details about every Enumber you can find in food. It offers a good way to become educated in Enumbers.

7. Evernote Food
This app allows you to browse recipes, bookmark them and record your own. There are lots of lovely recipes for food inspiration.

8. Green kitchen
You can view a wide range of healthy vegetarian recipes using this award winning app.

9. Good Food Healthy Recipes
This one gives you access to a selection of healthy recipes from BBC Good Food. It allows you to view and search a selection of healthy recipes.

10. Edamam
An app that gives you a daily morsel of food recipes and a search function for many more from over 500 sites also found at Edamam.com. Beautiful images and recipes!

11. Gojee
This app covers not only food but also fashion. There are some amazing food images of recipes to try from blogs at Gojee.com. Only the best at Gojee.com

12. Foodily
Similar to Gojee and Edamam. There is a selection of amazing food blog entries to get inspiration from at Foodily.com.

Children Obesity and Holiday Activities

I have just read a very good article in the Guardian entitled “Parents can’t end Britain’s child obesity epidemic “. This linked me though to a BBC article “Should obese children be taken into care” Here it provided the shocking stats that 11% of 15 year olds in England are obese according to a survey from the World Health Organization.

I have recently decided to return to a diet myself as I have been slowly piling on the pounds so admittedly I am a little more aware of my own weight and that of others at the moment.

Today I took my youngest to a local theme park. During my time at the park I did notice a seemingly larger number of overweight children and adults. I had a terrible time finding anything healthy and appetising to eat. This has been a trend over this summer holiday. Hotdogs, ice creams and sugary drinks seem to be the primary offering on stands around children’s theme parks. At farm attractions and activity centres, sausage and chips, sugary drinks and cakes; sweet popcorn and sugary drinks at the cinema.

We take our kids to these places for fun to wear them out and entertain them. We are wearing them out long term with unhealthy food. More calories are consumed than can possibly be burned on these days out. We are linking happiness to unhealthy food choices. We think we are good parents for taking our kids out for a fun day but are we? Should more of us take our own healthy packed lunches and snacks to the venues that allow us to do so?

At home what can we do to get kids interested in nutrition and health?

I am currently tackling this in my house. It’s not easy. There is a gap in the market place for books relating to nutrition for kids. I’m not sure if this is because of our fear of anorexia in teenagers but for kids there isn’t that much to be read. With younger children you can make your own nutrition story books as an activity.

Exercise is the key in helping to burn off those extra calories that we Brits allow our kids to consume through snacking. In our garden we have a trampoline, skipping ropes and space hoppers. During the warmer months these are well used. The odd walk to the local playground burns off a few extra calories. In the winter like many we rely on the Wii fit for extra activity outside school.

Food experiments are good for older children. We did one with food colouring and a selection of milks and creams so they gained an understanding of the fats in certain milks.

Leading by example is the hardest. We try very hard to lead by example. It is too easy to buy processed meals and sweet treats. Home cooking takes time and is not always loved by all but at least you can talk about what went into it. I try hard to find interesting new recipes some of which I blog here.

Priestley Honey Digestive Biscuits

My youngest daughter Megan does not have a very varied diet and is very particular about what she eats and often quite stubborn. I have recently started cooking with her which I hope will encourage her to at least try a greater variety of foods.

On Saturday I stopped at the fruit and veg market stall in Ampthill. Here I found some local honey called Priestley Honey that is made in Flitwick. The idea that the honey was made from bees which may have visited our garden made it appealing to both myself and my daughter Megan.

One of the things I want Megan to get an understanding of is what goes into the food we eat. In order to do this I made Chocolate Digestive Biscuits with her. At some point we will make them again. Then we will look at our recipe and the ingredients in a common brand as listed on their label and perform a taste test to see which we prefer.

I hope that our Priestley Honey Digestive Biscuits will win the taste test. Although my grandfather kept bees I am actually not that fond of honey but the way the Priestley Honey dripped of the spoon was quite wonderful and almost tempted me to eat it directly from the spoon.

Honey itself contains antioxidants, has anti-bacterial properties and for many years has been included as part of a number of natural remedies. The most commonly known probably being its use as a cure for a sore throat.


Here is our recipe.

100g Organic Oats
100g Wholemeal flour
1tbsp Organic baking powder
50g Light soft brown sugar
100g Organic Butter
3 tbsp Priestley Honey
2 tbsp of water

1. Add all the dry ingredients to a bowl and mix. ( Organic oats, Wholemeal flour, Organic baking powder, light soft brown sugar)
2. Melt the butter in a small pan on the hob and add in the water and honey and stir together.
3. Add to dry ingredients and mix together
4. Leave mixture in fridge for 30mins
5. Retrieve from fridge and roll mixture flat on board.
6. Cut into desired biscuit shapes and place on baking tray
7. Cook in oven at 200 for 15mins or until golden brown.
8. Dip in melted chocolate if desired.

Megan’s were a huge success and came out looking like this. They are very sweet crunchy oat biscuits.


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