Welcome to Flitton Tonic

Hi my name is Fiona and this is my blog relating to nutrition. I am currently studying for a Diploma in Nutrition at CNM London.

In this blog I will write about the impact of nutritional changes on myself and my family, discuss nutrition news, and mention the odd iPhone app or other technology that has helped me to make changes along the way. I will also talk about the books and films that have impacted on my own personal choices regarding nutrition, as well as local farm shops, local produce and farmers markets, a few seasonal recipes and a little about my course and how my study is progressing.

Why Flitton Tonic?

Once upon a time, a tonic for the blood was made from the springs on Flitwick Moor. Flitwick Moor extends between Flitwick and Greenfield and is within distance from my house. I expect Flitwick tonic was sold and used in Flitton as a natural remedy.

I hope that my blog will become a guide to local food and its possible usage as a tonic .

What are my values in terms of food nutrition and health?

1. Eat more fruit and vegetables
2. Eat less processed food
3. Eat organic and local where possible.
4. Keep active.
5. Promote Natural solutions and well being