Will the Flitton Phone box book exchange benefit my health?

I often pickup the Evening Standard to read on my way home from college. Recently I have also been picking up the Stylist for Rebecca to flick through for some fashion ideas. Last night the Evening Standard didn’t hold my attention for the whole trip home so I started to browse through the Stylist and found an article which referenced some research which has shown that re-reading books that we have read during a happy time in our lives can be good for our mental health.

As I drove home I passed our Flitton phone box and reflected on the news from the Flit n’ More that the phone box is soon to be used as a village book exchange.
I realised that not only could the old phone box have a new use but it could also have health benefits for those of us that made the effort to take a walk and use it.

More details of the research mentioned on this blog entry can be read here at the Telegraph.


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