Nearly at the end of Biomedicine

Easter has been and gone. During which, I tried yet another food experiment with the kiddies which failed. This time I made a rabbit, a chick and a sheep out of food. The kids agreed that they looked good for kids but refused to even try just one single bite. Thankfully Jim was on hand to hoover it all up.


During Easter, I had my own viral infection which I found amusing as I was studying for my infectious diseases mini test. I missed the exam as I was too sick, and took it yesterday. I think I did well and am confident I passed.

As part of my first year at CNM studying nutrition, I have been studying Biomedicine. The year is almost over with just one more large exam to go which will cover the following; digestive system, endocrine system, skin, lymphatic system, urinary system, nervous system, immune system, infectious diseases, oncology and sense organs.

In previous exams in the year we have covered cytology, muscular system, respiratory system, and the cardiovascular system.

Orly Moyal the lead lecturer for Biomedicine at CNM has so much passion and enthusiasm for Biomedicine that it rolls over to the students. We all enjoy her amazing lectures and insight into the subject.

We also have had two assignments to do the second of which I am currently working on. I am designing my very own leaflet on Osteoporosis. This assignment will remind me of days studying graphics design at Bedford College. I hope to post this leaflet here for all to view.

I have really enjoyed this first year. Studying for the exams hasn’t been easy but with the support of my family and friends I have managed it. Just one more big exam in June and then my second year, the first on actual nutrition, will begin. I am just loving this course so far and looking forward to the next two years.