Refreshing Watermelon Ice Lollies

The combination of this sweet watermelon and lemon and lime sorbet makes a refreshing and healthy treat on a warm summers day.


Lemon and Lime Sorbet

200g Sugar
275ml Water
Zest and juice of 5 Limes
Zest and juice of 5 Lemons

Put the sugar and water in the pan. Bring to the boil. Leave to simmer for a further 5 minutes. Put to one side. Meanwhile zest and squeeze your lemon and limes. Mix together sugared water, lime juice and zest together in plastic container.

Set the mixture to one side and prepare the melon mix.

Watermelon Ice

1 Large Watermelon
4 tbsp Sugar
Dozen Blueberries cut into quarters

Cut the Watermelon into cubed batches of four. Remove all seeds. Add one tablespoon of sugar to each batch and blend with a food blender or hand blender. Sieve into another plastic container in order to remove any excess pulp and remaining seeds. Add blueberry quarters to mix. Stir well.

Put both containers into freezer. Stir approximately every 30 mins until slushy but not firm.

Prepare Ice Lollies

Whilst the mixture is slushy but not firm add to 6 paper coffee cups. First add half a cup of melon mix. Then top with lemon and lime mix until 3/4 full.

Cover cup with cling film. Slice a whole in the middle of cling film and place lolly stick through the middle into the slushy mixture so that it is most of the way into the cup but not quite touching the bottom.

Place filled cups into freezer and leave overnight.

To serve tear away paper cup and enjoy!

The paper cups and ice lolly sticks for this recipe were bought from the Cooks Collection in Ampthill.


The idea for this ice lolly came from Eat yourself skinny blog using the lemon and lime sorbet from Jamie Oliver.