Cherryactive ice lollies made to help me sleep.


It’s revision month and I’m already not sleeping well so I’ve invested in some Cherryactive. It is made from 100% montmorency cherries which are full of antioxidants and melatonin to help me sleep. The deep cherry flavour and colour makes Cherryactive ideal for making ice lollies which the rest of the family can enjoy.


Just dilute Cherryactive to taste, add to favourite lolly holders and freeze. For an extra special treat add halved pitted fresh cherries to the mix.

We should all sleep well tonight zzzzzzzzz.

12 Apps for Foodies that I just love!



I have been posting on this blog for more than a year. During this time I have found a few apps on my phone to help me with my ideas relating to food and nutrition. I have these in a food group on my phone which I will share as a 1st blog birthday gift. They are listed in no particular order and I use all of them on a regular basis.

1. Pinterest
For me the presentation of food has a huge impact to whether I want to try it or not. Pinterest has so many beautiful images of food that I can spend hours looking through food related
pages for inspiration. I have even started pinning a few images myself.

2. Bloglovin
This app is such a great little tool for keeping up with blogs on your phone. I have many food and nutrition blogs I now like to keep up with. It’s very easy to search and add sites on various topics at then keep up-to-date on your phone.

3. Foodnavigator
I like to follow the news and this little app lets me keep up with all the food related news from the site

4. How to Cook Everything!
Sometimes you just have an ingredient you would like to cook with. This week I have too much broccoli for example. Using this app I can search for broccoli and find any number of recipes to try.

5. Dirty Dozen
This is the shoppers guide to pesticides in food. It’s a great little app to help you choose your food wisely.

6. Enumbers
This informative app gives details about every Enumber you can find in food. It offers a good way to become educated in Enumbers.

7. Evernote Food
This app allows you to browse recipes, bookmark them and record your own. There are lots of lovely recipes for food inspiration.

8. Green kitchen
You can view a wide range of healthy vegetarian recipes using this award winning app.

9. Good Food Healthy Recipes
This one gives you access to a selection of healthy recipes from BBC Good Food. It allows you to view and search a selection of healthy recipes.

10. Edamam
An app that gives you a daily morsel of food recipes and a search function for many more from over 500 sites also found at Beautiful images and recipes!

11. Gojee
This app covers not only food but also fashion. There are some amazing food images of recipes to try from blogs at Only the best at

12. Foodily
Similar to Gojee and Edamam. There is a selection of amazing food blog entries to get inspiration from at

Valentines Salad

Well it is a long time since I have written a post. I’ve been busy at college learning about vitamins and super foods. It’s not long now until my next exam which I am dreading as usual. Today is my husband’s birthday and I will be at college on Valentine’s night so I made a nice and simple healthy Valentine’s salad for our lunch today. It looks great and tastes yum!


It’s really simple to make. The bottom of the salad is a layer of rocket. Then on top are strawberries, tomatoes and cucumbers all cut into heart shapes.


Finish by adding a dressing of light balsamic vinegar. Optionally add white chicken breast. This dish can be served as a side salad or main meal.

Happy Valentines!