My Nutrition and Food Related Links Page

A little about me and where I study…

I am a mother of 3  studying for a diploma in nutrition at CNM London. I love the course very much. The course content and the lecturers are brilliant at keeping the topic fresh and interesting. Currently on my second year I am studying nutrition. Last year I studied Biomedicine which in layman terms is all the different parts of the body, how they function there associated illness, traditional allopathic treatments and complementary alternatives.

I am interested in natural solutions to health problems and complementary medicines.

Listed below are various links related to nutrition which I will add to as my blog progresses.

Natural Health Websites

Food and Nutrition Blogs

Recipe Sites

Local Produce

Big Barn a locally based website for sourcing locally farmed food.

E Numbers and Pesticides

Kids Health

A site on kid related health issues for parents and children Kids Health


Although nutrition cannot in itself cure cancer, it can be beneficial in supporting recovery and treatment

Nutrition Journals

Listed below are a number of Journal resources for researching nutrition.

Other Resources